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Elizabeth Baker ([personal profile] chiming) wrote2012-01-15 01:05 am

Layout: "Abstractia"

This layout is now official! /noisemaker

Here are some options you should change to get it back to what you were using before!

  • Help! Everything is so big! No problem, just tweak your base font size. 9pt or 11px is what I used while developing and you may prefer that size now!

  • Help! I liked the usernames better teeny! Go to your custom CSS and throw this in:

  • How do I change the position of the username/userpic? Go here! There are a couple of options here, pick what you think looks best. :3 (The username is called the entry poster, the userpic is called the icon.)

    Someone has already requested a tweak to the poster-on-the-right-in-the-header option, so go to your custom CSS and throw this in if you want it too This has been patched into the main style! I also fixed a bug where the lists had extra margin when inside blockquotes, which is reeeeaally not necessary.
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[personal profile] eviljy 2012-01-15 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow... now I've a serious problem! I love *all* the colour variations even the pink and that is very rare for me. Damn you! :P

I really like the background. Most backgrounds that continue to be visible behind the text make things hard to read for me or annoying to look at for any length of time but this one is just enough to loosen things up a bit without demanding too much attention. Well done. :)

I'll probably try to get a rotation going between the variations and will certainly (and gladly) give you credit - credit well deserved.
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[personal profile] eviljy 2012-02-23 10:11 am (UTC)(link)

Thanks to RL troubles I didn't have the time to actually implemented your layout yet but now that it's an official layout... one click and I got it! yay! (and switching colours won't be a problem either. doubleyay!)

Thanks again for this beautiful layout! :)