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Out of date!

DW has recently changed their themes so that all colors are giving in rgb values rather than HEX. As such, the following guide needs some adjustments that I have not yet made!

If anyone's curious how I do it, and for my own reference...

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More instructions, step-by-step for creating theme layers / submitting themes / etc., are forthcoming. This is just a quick-and-dirty list for people who already know the rest of it but might not be sure where to start with this particular layout.

Test Entry

Jan. 19th, 2012 08:05 pm
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HTML Ipsum Presents

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This layout is now official! /noisemaker

Here are some options you should change to get it back to what you were using before!

  • Help! Everything is so big! No problem, just tweak your base font size. 9pt or 11px is what I used while developing and you may prefer that size now!

  • Help! I liked the usernames better teeny! Go to your custom CSS and throw this in:

  • How do I change the position of the username/userpic? Go here! There are a couple of options here, pick what you think looks best. :3 (The username is called the entry poster, the userpic is called the icon.)

    Someone has already requested a tweak to the poster-on-the-right-in-the-header option, so go to your custom CSS and throw this in if you want it too This has been patched into the main style! I also fixed a bug where the lists had extra margin when inside blockquotes, which is reeeeaally not necessary.


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